10 reasons to discover Yorkshire!

Tired of spending your week-ends in London? We went to Yorkshire during the Easter break and we loved it! Here are 10 amazing things about it and why your kids will love it too:
1. It’s green. Nature green. It’s like Hyde Park + Green Park + St James Park + many other parks combined in a giant one, can you imagine that? Your kids will have loads of space to run, crawl, jump and even somersault!
2. Actually, it’s not only green. It’s also yellow, there are daffodils everywhere. Enough to make a flower necklace for each member of the family.
3. Missing your weekly trip to London Zoo? Well Yorkshire has PLENTY of sheep, horses and even some cows. We had never seen so many sheep in one place!
4. London has the Thames. Yorkshire has the SEA 🙂 Ok, we didn’t go for a swim but your kids will love getting their feet wet.
5. You’ll be able to show your kids how to build the perfect sandcastle on one of Yorkshire’s multiple sandy beaches! Don’t forget the buckets, shovels and even the carving tools if you feel brave enough…
6. Hidden gem alert: We found this ice cream truck on Robin Hood’s Bay. Soooooo cute! What’s better than having an ice cream on a sandy breach?
7. If you’re a food lover (like us), you’ll be glad to find amazing fish and your family will have the best fish and chips ever!
8. The list of family-friendly activities is endless: horse riding, surfing, sailing, climbing, cycling, walking… You’ll be spoilt for choice.
9. If you wish to rest and recharge, you’ll simply have to choose your favorite village and go for a rural retreat. We guarantee, it’s worth 10 yoga classes 😉
10. New York is so overrated. York has so much more to offer and it’s only few hours away by train!

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