5 Top Easter Party Ideas for Kids

In my family, the Easter Egg Hunt was always a strong tradition. Grandparents were the ones in charge of hiding the eggs and me and my sister and cousins would run around the garden competing to see who would find more eggs although we knew we would have to share it all at the end.

Now my parents do it for my children and it’s such a nice moment of pure joy and family fun.

Searching for inspiration for this year’s Easter Egg Hunt I found some great ideas to add some healthy treats to the basket and DIY projects to do with the kids.

Don’t get me wrong! I have nothing against the chocolate eggs, but mix it with a less sugary treat and some challenging activities was something I was willing to try.

And that’s when Sally sent me this amazing idea for some super cute “carrots” from The House That Lars Built


How cool is that?

And scrolling up on the Pinterest feed I found an amazing idea for decorating your table. A colourful Egg table runner. “All you need: eggs, egg cartons, and food coloring” See the how to do it here.


Ok! Table is set and healthy treats on the way. Now let’s get creative! What if instead of finding the eggs the kids would just find the tools to create their own Easter treat? These Easter Basket Cupcake Kits are just perfect for a family fun afternoon in the kitchen.


Yummy biscuits are a beautiful treat to give as an Easter gift to family and friends. Easter eggs, Easter Bunnies or carrot shaped iced biscuits. All options are just too cute!


Last but not least, an idea that will take your Easter Kids Party to the next level. A Giant Egg Pinata! This one from Oh Happy Days is just gorgeous. Check out our Pinterest Easter Board for more inspiration. Have fun! 🙂


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