8 Healthy Snack ideas for Summer Parties

Children’s Parties are all about having fun and special treats but it’s a good idea not to overload little ones with too many sugary snacks – you’ll only regret it once the guests have gone home…. While the summer is still around, get creative with the delicious fruit of the season. Here is a list of 8 healthy snack ideas for your last summer parties.


  1. Fruit kebabs

Get some wooden kebab sticks and load them up with some colourful fruit – strawberries, melon, apple, grapes – they look fantastic and are super healthy.


  1. Pitta crisps with hummus

Cut up some wholemeal pitta bread into triangles and bake in the oven until crispy. Serve with some hummus for a tasty alternative to crisps. Kids will love the crunchy crisps and dipping in!


  1. Pineapple and cheese on sticks

Go retro and chop up some pineapple and cheddar cheese on cocktail sticks. Great fun and healthy. Check out the recipe and how to do it here


  1. Sliced Fruit 

It’s simple, easy and adds a beautiful pop of colour to your table. Grab different kinds of fruit on the supermarket, slice it into different shapes and put it on a big and beautiful dish in the center of the tabledish.


  1. Fruit smoothies

Instead of serving fizzy drinks or sugary squash, try and blend your own fruit smoothies and serve with fancy straws and umbrellas to make it look like a cocktail!


  1. Popcorn

A few bowls of popcorn are a great healthy snack to serve at a party. Kids love it and if you go for the salt and sweet options available they get a little kick of sugar but not too much.


  1. Nuts & Raisins

Bowls of nuts and raisins are a healthy snack that will give kids fuel for all the party games. Watch out for younger children though as nuts and raisins could be chocking hazards. Also, make sure there are no peanut allergies.


  1. Cupcakes

You can’t have a party without cake but if you’d rather not serve big slabs of birthday cake full of icing and sugar, bake or order individual mini cupcakes or muffins to serve up so you can control the portions. You can also make these with added fruit and cream cheese icing to lessen the sugar content.


What healthy snacks would you prepare for a children’s party?

Please share with us by commenting below! Thank you.

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