A glass of Prosecco with the real Amanda

Getting to know the real Amanda from the Amanda Action Club was such a pleasure. She has so much energy and enthusiasm, it’s electrifying!

IMG_53911- Who was Amanda before she became Action Amanda? 

I was a miss sport billy at school and knew that I wanted a career in the leisure industry. I landed my first job as a sports assistant with the London Borough of Ealing council teaching children in the summer and the over 50’s in the winter months. We would load a van with sports equipment and offer free activities in parks, and local community centres. I then became a recreation assistant working in the leisure industry. The local authority would pay for me to gain all my sporting qualifications so that I could then teach at the centre. In 1991 I was sent on a music and movement course. I developed my own style of teaching and had a light bulb moment. My concept was born, which is using an interesting or unique prop, working with it in a physical and fun way, then relating it to a song! The rest is history.

2-  What was your biggest challenge when you first started your own business? 

As well as trying to work my way up the ladder in the leisure industry to assistant manager, I was also trying to build a part time business. I juggled teaching, accounting, marketing, graphic design etc, as well as working three evenings a week and most weekends!

IMG_70153- What’s your Unique Selling Point? 

Teaching pre-school children how to be healthy and active from an early age. My classes are dynamic, energetic, educational, inclusive, interactive and FUN!

4- What’s been your most successful marketing/PR strategy?

An article in a well known magazine naming me as a celebrity entertainer!

5-  What is your biggest achievement so far?

Trying to manage a business as well as being a mother to my daughter Bibi. I also enjoy entertaining at The Great Ormond Street Christmas parties every year.

6- Is there any advice that you would give to a mum or dad who wants to start a business? 

I have been on a roller coaster ride for twenty five years now. Without the support of my family, I would not have a business. A healthy work life balance is so important. 

IMG_73397- What are your future plans? 

  1. Virtual Action Amanda! I can’t be everywhere, so I have filmed my 10 activities, and will offer them as a link for nurseries to view on their interactive screen. The props get delivered to the venue so that Action Amanda can teach virtually instead of physically. The practitioners can then assist the children, and encourage them to get active whilst watching me giving them instructions.
  2. Action Amanda activity books are currently being created using my new little character.
  3. Action Club at home! I have teamed up with www.Bitzbag.com to create a product that takes the class into the home. Parents and carers can download my activities on any device, the children can then get active whilst watching me instruct them.


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