A Rock Shandy with Lisa

We had a great time while sharing a Rock Shandy with Lisa Williams, editor and co-founder @tantrumxyz . As we found out, a rock shandy is half lemonade, half soda, with a twist of fresh lime and some Angustura Bitters. Officially the most annoying drink to order at the bar, but delicious!

Print1-    How did Tantrum.xyz start? Can you tell us more about the name?

My co-founders Ben and Shane were working as digital mentors and investors in the east London start-up scene when they decided to found their own start-up in the process. They saw a need for a new one-stop-shop for parenting: a site which combined latest tech developments with the best design and editorial, and Tantrum was born. I came on board when they asked me for editorial advice and, as we discussing, it became clear to me that I couldn’t let anyone else do the job!



2-    What is your background, what were you doing prior to that?

My background is journalism. I trained as a local new reporter, covering health, crime and politics. I moved into showbiz reporting, became Press Association’s TV Editor, and then Assistant Features Editor, before moving to Conde Nast to edit Tatler’s website for three years.

3-    What was your biggest challenge when you first started your own start-up?TantrumXYZ Milestone Card Baby1_tantrum

Marketing. Always marketing. We feel very confident with our tech, our design and our editorial. Now we just need people to find out about us! It’s the same old story at nearly every start-up: product is essential to start out, but marketing is the secret to success.

4-    Tell us more about design-led parenting items.

Ben and I feel very strongly that parenting can happen in style. There are amazing designers out there making baby and children’s clothes, as well as tech, homewear, toys and books, but it can be quite hard to find. High street shops don’t cater for everyone: I lost count of how many ‘I love my mummy’ t-shirts I came across while shopping for my son, for example. With a bit of time, you can find some incredible labels such as Knit Planet, My Baby’s Name Is, Marloe London and Baby Mori, but most parents don’t have time to root around. That’s where we come in.

5-    Who’s your target audience?

Tech-savvy, design-conscious parents like us. Any age, any background, any leaning. It is important to us that we appeal to fathers as well as mothers, as we’re all in this together or, at least, we should be.


Circus TantrumXYZ Milestonesb9_example6-    What’s your Unique Selling Point?

We have been described as ‘the new parenting playbook’ because we make parents’ lives easier, more beautiful and more enjoyable. We allow them to access beautifully designed kids’ gear, witty and useful editorial, a family events listing, free networking events, free baby milestone cards and a handy email news round-up all in one place.

7-    What’s been your most successful marketing/PR strategy?

We held a bring-the-baby stand-up comedy event at Pergola on the Roof in August. We had more than 100 new parents there, plus babies and buggies, to watch acts such as the Scummy Mummies and Holly Walsh. I lost quite a bit of sleep while organizing it, but it was so brilliant to meet our readers in such a beautiful place and in such fun circumstances, and our guests Instagrammed the hell out of the event so we guess they had a good time.


8-    We’d love to know about your upcoming project on BabyMilestone cards. How did you come up with the idea? What is your mission?

I came across baby milestone cards while I was on maternity leave but I was too much of a design snob to use them. I thought it was a shame that no one was using the brilliant wealth of creative talent we have to apply to this kind of baby product. So we approached a few of our favourite illustration houses, and ended up working with Gilles & Cecilie Studio, who are based just five minutes from our office in Shoreditch and who shared our sense of fun and our creative vision. They designed a set of digital milestone cards for parents to add as an overlay to their photos when their babies turn one week, two weeks and so on up to one year. We also have one for ‘milk drunk’, ‘I slept like a baby,’ ‘Guess what I just did’ and, of course, ‘tantrum!’

9-    What are your future plans?sleptlikeababy_example

There is so much we want to do! There are more brands and beautiful items we would like to add to the shop. We would like to run more events and extend more out of London and even out of the UK. Parenting is a universal thing and there is a lot we feel we can offer to parents all over the world.

10- Who Inspires you?

Personally, creatives such as the filmmakers John Waters and Pedro Almodovar, writers Eva Wiseman and Hadley Freeman, and business personalities such as Charlotte Dellal and Baroness Lane Fox.


11- What are your favourite week-end family activities?

Normal stuff such as walks, cooking for family and friends, and trips to the playground or the swimming pool. Our working/nursery week is quite hectic so we like to keep weekends simple if we can.

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