A sunny afternoon in Primrose Hill

With all the sunny week-ends coming up it’s the perfect time to go out with the whole family and enjoy a perfect day out!

Whether you’ve been there already or not we really recommend Primrose Hill Park. There is so much to do around the area : from the top of the hill with the great view of London, to the zoo, to the restaurants..! It’s fun guaranteed for the whole family 🙂


1. The hillIMG_6760

It is the name of the park after all.. So you guessed that there will be some hiking right? Don’t worry it’s not that high and the view is really worth it! You can play “spot famous buildings” with your children, and see who recognizes the most buildings! You can see the whole city and you have a view on the zoo!






2. London Zoo

Everybody will be mesmerized by the fact that there are giraffes in the middle of London! There are so many types of animal there that everyone should have their share of fun! They have also added lions since Easter so we really recommend you go check it out!





3. Food time!



You have plenty of choice around and if you go there on a Saturday the market behind the park will be opened so you can enjoy local food and sometimes even live music!

If you’d rather eat in a restaurant, there are plenty of restaurants closer to Chalk Farm, on the parallel street to the park, including Oka an asian mixed restaurant (the kid menu is really tasty and original, and for once doesn’t include chicken and fries). They have some tables outside (but you might want to book a table for them though)!



We ended the day by walking along the Regent’s Canal (you can go towards Little Venice or Camden, depending what type of experience you wish to have!)


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