A week end in Cardiff

We spent a 3 day week end away from London in Cardiff, and it was amazing!

The sun, the sea, castles and fresh air : a great recipe for a perfect week-end 🙂

We arrived late on Thursday and went straight to bed, to wake up bright and early on Friday ready to attack this 3-day-well-deserved-week end. We started by going to the brand new ice skating rink (it’s never too late to have some winter fun!), where the kids had a lot of space to skate around with their little penguins. For those who prefer summer fun, the swimming pool is just in front of the rink 😉

We then headed off to the peer to see the sea and walk along the beach. We had a nice piece of cake, and the kids loved the sweet shop right next to the café (and we did too…).


IMG_7105 IMG_7108









We then drove off to St Fagans, a huge park where they have imported houses from all over Wales, from all the different times. Two great things about this : it’s free, and there is a small truck-train that can drive you around. We highly recommend this as it’s as fun as instructive!

To end the day on a high note (and make sure the kids would go to bed really tired), we went bowling. The facilities have everything you’ll need for your kids to be able to play too 🙂


The next day we decideIMG_7117d to drive to Caerphilly to see the castle. The drive was quite short and very nice (especially under the sun). We had a very nice picnic on the grass in front of the castle (be ware of the ease though!) and walked around, and play-pretend to be knights, which was good fun for the whole family!







From there we drove to take the original steam train at Brecon Mountain Railway, on the way back the train stops in a very nice little café where the whole family couldn’t resist the appeal of a nice ice-cream :).



We had a nice dinner on the bay to finish the day (there is a full range of restaurants, so you will have plenty of choices!).

For our last day we hired 4-wheel-bikes for the whole family (they can accommodate up to 5 people!) and cycled along the sea. For those who prefer to walk you can walk along the bay and take the boat back !

We also went to the Roman ruines next to Newport and learned all about baths, accommodation at the time, and ran around in the amphitheater!

And if that’s not enough, then there is always the Cardiff museums, and shows to go to, walk along the university or go sailing for the day!

We has such a relaxing yet adventurous week-end, it’s a win for the whole family guaranteed! 🙂



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