Amanda’s wisdom on planning the perfect birthday party in London !

Amanda’s lending us her wisdom on birthday parties! With 25 years experience as a party entertainer, no one is better suited to give us advice and ideas for organising the perfect children birthday party.

IMG_55811- What were the best 3 themes you have seen at a birthday party?

A beach party, a teddy bear picnic and a dinosaur theme.

2- What were the 3 most extravagant requests/ items that you have seen at a party?

A carousel, a real pig for a Peppa and George party and real performing dogs!!!

3- Can you give us parents your top 3 tips for a successful birthday party?

An entertainer with lots of experience who can capture the children and the adults attention! Good quality sounding music and great food!

4- Your favourite entertainment ideas for 2 to 4 year olds

Amanda’s Action Club of course!

5- Your favourite entertainment ideas for 5 to 7 year oldsIMG_7015

At this age children need to be active! They do not want to sit still and watch a performance. Team games and challenges are a good choice at this age.

6- What is unique about birthday parties in London? 

We love tradition! Parties can either be a simple gathering at home, or an extravagant affair held at a restaurant. Whatever you choose, parties in London always end with the happy birthday song!

7- Are there major differences between Girls birthday parties and Boys birthday parties?

Oh yes, the girls are very easily pleased and enjoy singing and dancing. The boys need to be worn out with lots of physical games and activities! Action Amanda is also a tom boy and is used to running around!!!!

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