Cake Trends of 2019

cake Trends

Cake Trends: What are the five top cake trends of 2019?

Cakes Trends of 2019, are a real show of creativity, flair and fun. We have been keeping a watchful eye on what cake designs are trending and we can say it is all in the detail. With texture coming to the fore as a big trend for 2019, it will inspire you to make your cake the centre piece of your child’s birthday party.


Edible Flowers

Edible flower themed birthday cakes have flooded our Instagram feeds over the last six months and we can firmly say this cake trend is here to stay. Make a bold statement to a birthday cake or simply add a whimsical touch, this trend adds colour, flavour, difference and texture.  Popular floral flavours and toppings include;

  1. Hibiscus petals
  2. Borage blossoms
  3. Signet Marigolds
  4. Lavender
  5. Rose

Cake trendsVegan Cakes

Now birthday cakes can be enjoyed by everyone. Cakes made using Vegan ingredients taste just as good, if not better. Using alternative ingredients is a cake trend which is here to stay.. We are a little bit in love with these brownies by Leah.

cake trends

cake trends vegan


Character Cakes

With lots of big movie releases this year including Aladdin, Dumbo, How To Train A Dragon, Toy Story 4, Star Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Lion King, character cakes have never been so popular. Which one would your little one choose?

cake trends


The Donut Cake

From donut walls to donut towers, gone are the days of a traditional donut. Donuts are fast becoming a centre piece of most dessert tables, whether they form a part of the cake or as the cake themselves. Let’s also not forget the Donut glaze.  Colour and texture are a big part of having the perfect Donut dessert.
cake trends



Pinata Cakes

The Pinata cake, is where the sponge is cut out from part of the cake and a cascade of sweets emerge from the centre. The Pinata cake has been a popular trend for the last few years and it still appears to be one that is popular amongst children’s parties

cake trends



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