Meet the team: Commercial Relations & COO, Sally

Sally was raised between Scotland and the Middle East. She studied surface design in London and Paris and now lives in West London with her French husband and two little girls. The family regularly travel ‘home’ to the Grampian Highlands to visit the woods and big skies. Sally enjoys creative projects, interior design and all puddings!

“When I plan a party I always check & double check the theme with my daughters. Even with an obscure initial idea from my 3 year old, ‘Fairy-princess-woodland-camping’, I always find what I need on ParentVille. Our favourite party accessory to choose together are party bags! There are so many wonderful options & ideas. My eldest daughter loves Wonnie’s sugar free cakes & Mrs Smiths cat biscuits!”

Take note of Sally’s Celebration Secrets!

  • I always make sure to pick a strong theme for any party. Doing this stops me deviating from my shopping list!
  • My favourite grown up girl & boy cakes are from Wonnie. Her style is impeccable & she is so wonderful to work with.
  • Flowers are essential for every party & every age. They always help to brighten up a venue and create a wonderful splash of colour in photographs!
  • My girls always love to give biscuits or sweeties as a ‘thank you’. This year I have ordered from Candy & Mrs Smith.
  • I send cupcakes from Jennie into school on a regular basis. Whether to mark a birthday, new term or ‘just because’ – the teachers love it!

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