Cool Down! It’s an Ice Cream Party!

Oh, how we love Ice Cream! My favourite is anything chocolate, caramel, vanilla but the real vanilla with the little black bits from the pod…yum!

Having had such a glorious summer and with loads of fab merchandise on offer in the shop who wouldn’t want to through an ice cream party!

Here are three amazing ideas we found and that will make your ice cream parties super cool!

1) DIY Mini Ice Cream Cone Balloon Sticks:

We love these balloon sticks found over at Oh Happy Day! They are colourful, beautiful and would look great as a centrepiece or dotted about your venue.

They could be also a fab treat to take home as favors don’t you think? Not only they are the perfect decor for an ice cream themed party they are also super simple to craft!

Click on the photo to get all the details on how to DIY


See some more decorations for your next party. Take a look at our selection of Party Balloons 

2) Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

If you have been paying attention to the last party trends you would have noticed that Ice Cream Cone Cakes are now a super trendy option to celebrate kids, teens, and some adults birthdays too (i personally love them : ). But I must admit that I am not such a talented baker to take the risk and do one of these beauties myself.

So, if you are a bit like me but still would love to try to do something fun and colourful, Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes are also a brilliant (and much easier) idea for a children’s birthday party!  These yummy treats are quick and fun to make and they look fantastic! Check out this recipe from The Custom Cake Shop for approx. 12 vanilla cupcake cones.


Browse around Parentville Parties shop to see some more ideas for birthday Cakes and Cupcakes. Let us know which ones are your favourites 🙂

3) 10-Minute Ice Cream Pops 

This quick and easy recipe of Ice Cream Pops by Food Network will definitely be a huge success and you just need 10 minutes and very few ingredients to do it. It’s brilliant! Really. I will definitely try it!

Check out the video below to learn how to do these delicious treats and visit our selection of party candy to add even more colour and sweetness to your party table.

Fancy to do some special treat or surprise for your kid’s party but don’t want to spend all the time baking and crafting? We have the perfect suggestions that will still have the WOW factor but without all the stress. Browse around to see some gorgeous Birthday Cake Kits and beautiful and Creative Party Bags

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