Happy Mother’s Day Mummy Mozart



Happy Mother’s Day with Mummy Mozart!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our lovely mummies. We’re talking this opportunity to announce the lucky winner of our Mini Mozart Competition:

Congratulations to Silvia & Olivia for winning a full term with Mini Mozart! Thanks to all of you who participated, and stay tuned as we will release more competitions soon…


To celebrate in style, we spent some quality time with the ultimate mumpreneur,

Clare-Louise Shaw, founder of the Mini Mozart empire. Not only has she been a very successful entrepreneur, but she also kept an amazing balance between her work and her family life.

“You don’t always need to do kids activities with your children: if you introduce them to things that you love and you assume that they will take something from it, they do!”  This is the ethos of Mini Mozart, a music activity for babies and toddlers, combining Bach with Bubbles and Prokofiev with a Parachute.

A full account of our conversation with Clare will soon be published on our blog! 

Phileas Fox Nursery School
How many eggs will you collect at the Little Venice Easter Egg Hunt?

Join us on Friday 18th March for a morning full of Easter fun! The teachers at Phileas Fox Nursery School will be hosting you for an Easter themed activity as well as an eggciting egg hunt! 

Please book your space in advance so that the Easter bunny can prepare a personalised egg with your child’s name on it. 

Treat yourself to this fabulous no bake dessert: Berry & White Choc TartIt’s creamy and fruity, and couldn’t be easier to make. A Mummy Too shares with us a video as well as step by step instructions for this yummy recipe taken from Annabel Karmel’s latest book, Busy Mum’s CookbookYou won’t even need to put the oven on!

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