How to make your own party bags that stand out!

Kids love party bags but an hour after the party the plastic toys are broken and the kids are on a sugar high. Here are our top alternative ideas



Fewer, better quality items will keep kids entertained long after the balloons have popped


Key rings


Pencil with fun rubber on the end

Pen with sparkles/superhero/princess theme

Small bottle of bubbles


Book – look on for party bag book sets

Dress up jewellery

Lip balms

Mini nail polish

Small diecast car

Tub of Play Doh


Sweet treats

Kids expect something sweet in their goody bag but keep them to a minimum or replace with a healthier option


Small bag of Haribo sweets

Fruit hearts/strings/stars – made with fruit juice so a bit healthier

Fruit kebab – fill a wooden kebab stick with yummy grapes, strawberries and pineapple and seal in a sandwich bag for freshness

Box of raisins


Cereal bar

Banana cup cakes – a hit of sugar but with a fruity twist




If you want to ditch the bag idea all together a good option is to give each child one gift that costs the same as all the other bits added together.


Lego Mixels bag

Shopkins/Lego/Lego Friends figures

Colouring book and pens/pencil

Pencil case filled with pencils, rubbers, rulers etc

Craft set – paint your own piggy bank/mug

Large bubble wand

Sticker book

Top Trumps cards

Stationary set – matching notepad, pen, pencil etc



Top Tip: For pre-school kids and school kids buy a stack of paper bags to use as goodie bags, write all the children’s names on in bubble writing and get them to decorate their own name. It’s an excellent way to get them to calm down for 5 minutes and you can give a prize out for the best decorations. Provide stickers, pens, glue and glitter so they can get creative.

Love, Katie from team ParentVille

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