How to organise a fun and creative Easter egg hunt!

Organising an egg hunt for the kids on Easter week end is great fun! Here are our top tips to make it even more enjoyable:
1- Do it outside
There are so many beautiful gardens and parks in London. Find a more quiet spot in your favourite park and take the family for a fun day out.
2- Plan in advance
Instead of only hiding the eggs why not create a real game with questions about the family? How old is grandpa, who is the youngest cousin in the family, what is the full name of the uncle who lives in Australia or what is mum’s favourite cake? Print the questions, take them with you and encourage the kids  answer before giving them a clue on where each treat is hiden.
3- Draw a map
It’s really important to have a map of where all the eggs are hidden! I remember when my cousins and I went egg hunting in my grandparents’ garden. My grandfather loved to hide the eggs in difficult places to add to the fun. The problem was that with so many  hidden (we were 5 grandchildren) he sometimes forgot where they were 🙂
5- Make it a real celebration
Decorate the space with balloons, pretty garlands and creative signs. Anything can be an excuse to celebrate and be happy… And an Easter egg hunt is a pretty good excuse don’t you think? Find some inspiration for party decorations here (
4- Be creative
Easter egg hunts must have chocolate eggs, off course, but you can ad some different surprises to the sweet treats. Arts and crafts kits or activity books are always a good gift and will make the fun last after the egg hunt ends. Click here for some great crafty surprises
5- Make a surprise picnic

You are outside, kids are having fun, make it last until the end of the day. Children can put all the eggs together to share with the rest of the family and you can have a nice meal with sandwiches and fruits before they attack the chocolate 🙂

Enjoy the hunt! Happy Easter to you and all your families!

Photo credit: Maya’s egg hunt!

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