How to Photograph a Child’s Birthday Party


How To Photograph a Child’s Birthday Party

Its the most important day of your child’s year – their birthday party. Capturing the emotion, the energy, the interaction and of course all your party planning on camera is not the easiest of tasks. We know how important those special memories can be, so we have put together our top three tips to photograph your child’s party with ease.
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It’s all in the angles

You don’t have to be David Bailey to be a good photographer but finding the right angle is key to a good picture.

  • We are all guilty of taking photos of our children from an adult perspective. While this is not wrong. Capturing those special moments are often better when you are of the eyeline of a child.
  • So try new points of view. If you have a good zoom on your camera, why not take some of your pictures from far away.
  • While your little ones are munching at the table, why not take a flat lay of them? (A flatlay is when you’re shooting directly from directly above) It could be the perfect opportunity to take a photo of your amazing table settings


Plan your Photographs

There are some key moments that you will want to capture such as

  • Party games
  • Blowing out the candles
  • Opening presents
  • Group shots
  • Family shot
  • The birthday boy/girl with a number balloon?
  • The decorations
  • The cake
  • Table setting

The rest of your pictures should be candid shots. It’s always good to have a nice mix of images to look back on.


Book a Photographer

Photographers are not just for weddings or newborn baby shoots, they are for birthday parties too. ParentVille Parties have curated a collection of Photographers specialising in Children’s Parties. Find out more here.

Still want to photograph your child’s big day? Okay, why not have fun with your pictures and book

  • A photobooth. Photobooths are a great way of capturing how much fun they had. They often come with props adding a little more magic to your little one’s day
  • Video your special day. Creating a movie of your special day is a brilliant way of capturing those special memories from start to finish.




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