“I’m still his little girl and he is my best friend”

“During my childhood, my father was the one that took me to school, the doctor. He was always willing to play and happy to read a bedtime story.
My sister and I were his little girls but he always gave us freedomteaching us that trust is one of the most important things to have between people that love each other.
Of course, I made him a bit mad sometimes. And I certainly can remember those 10 minutes of silence and shock when I brought home a new puppy as a surprise for my mum. I must confess I still find that funny!
Life changed. I have my own children now and I live far away but I am still his little girl and he is my best friend.”
Rita, Mother of two
My father is… (with free printable)

Today we are launching an inspiring campaign to show the world how amazing Dads are and how important they are in our lives and our children’s lives.

Rita, mother of two, is our marketing and social media expert. She shared this heartwarming story and now we want to hear yours!  We will be talking about our dads and

We will be talking about our dads and asking our children to complete this sentence “My father is…”

What do you think your child would say?”My father is super cool?”

“My father is super cool?”
“My father is grumpy when he is hungry?”
“My father is the best playing Minecraft with me”
“My father is a bit chubby”
These are some of the answers our little ones shared. Join the Parentville family in spreading the love all the way through to Sunday 18th of June!
Write your child’s answer on our free printable found at the end of this blog post. Share a snap shot of the answer or a picture of your child holding it.
Get your family involved in this inspiring, fun activity this week. Take a moment to be grateful for the family you have and #smile.laugh.celebrate
We can’t wait to read your posts, see your photos and share what your little ones have to say about their Daddies.
Have fun guys!
“I will never forget my father’s face when I brought home a new puppy simply saying ‘Surprise'”.
#MyFatherIs ❤️  My best Friend

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