Marshmallow Wands recipe for kids birthday parties

So I have been thinking about easy ways to WOW our kids, their friends, and the parents during birthday parties! And here is one of my super easy, quick, go-to recipe: Marshmallow Wands.

Simply, the more colour the better! Here is everything you need to know. Have fun!

What you will need:

Wooden Kebab sticks

Marshmallows – variety of sizes, colour & shapes

Gel icing tubes

Sprinkles – a selection of shapes, colours & glitter-tactic-ness!

Mini Smarties and or mini cake decorations

Icing sugar


Large serving plate

Wire resting tray


Step 1:

Choose four to five marshmallows from your selection. I like to use a giant marshmallow as the topper Mallow!

Thread each marshmallow from the pointed end of your kebab stick down towards the blunt edge.

Usually, 1/2 way down is far enough.

Repeat until all your marshmallows are finished or quota met.

Step 2:

Empty your selection of sprinkles onto a large serving platter.

Make sure they are relatively even but do not worry if they are mixed up!

Step 3:

Squeeze, in circular shapes, gel icing tube on each marshmallow

Roll the marshmallows over the sprinkles holding onto the kebab stick


Step 4:

In a small bowl, mix a teaspoon of water with plenty of icing sugar.

The consistency should be thick with a runny-ness.

Holding the end/blunt edge end of the kebab stick, dip the end of the last, giant marshmallow into the icing sugar mix.

Follow by dipping into the sprinkles!


Rest each finished Marshmallow Wand on the wire resting tray to dry.


Add strips of fabric and or ribbon to the kebab stick end to give the wands a really magical look!

Parentville Team is always looking for great, easy and stress-free ideas to make your kids birthday parties amazing for children and parents. Please share with us your recipes, tricks, hacks, pictures or comments. We will be glad to feature all your ideas on our blog and around all our social media account. Thank you!

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