Our favourite brunches with the kids!

Our one family tradition is Sunday brunch! Whatever the weather is or our state of fatigue, we will have Eggs and Benedict with a soya latte.

We’ve made a list of our 3 favourite places around Maida Vale that are family-friendly and have great brunches!

IMG_7395Our personal favourite is The Quince Tree cafe, located in the Clifton Nurseries. Not only are you surrounded by plants and completely forget you are in London, but you get to sit outside under the glass roof even if it’s raining! The food is great (yes, there is the traditional English Breakfast AND avocado toasts!) with the amazing eggs Benedict on soft muffin-toast.

You can also book the venue for special occasions if you want to invite the whole family around.
We advise booking in advance to be sure to have a table, as it can get very busy during the week-ends.


Raoul’s (just in front on the incredible vegetable shop, and Raoul’s deli) is a great place to come as a family. You can sit outside and enjoy watching passers-by going to their local shops, or feel guilty for eating pancakes when a jogger runs past you…! The staff is incredibly nice and friendly and service is quick! We loved the bacon-potato cake and the scrambled eggs on toast.







Last but not least, Gail’s Artisan Bakery in St John’s Wood. I have to admit my guilty pleasure is their almond milk latte with a spinach roll (the heart wants what the hearts want). They have great choice of toasts, with our ultimate favourite being the avocado salsa one! Our kids loved it because it’s the only place where they’ll have cookies for breakfast!





Happy Sunday and have a lovely brunch!
And if you’re looking for things to do as a family to digest all the food, be sure to read our Family Fun section 🙂

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