Our top choice for gift ideas (1-2 year olds)


  1. Stacker cups

Colourful and cheap a set of stacker cups is an essential baby gift. It helps with colour, number and letter recognition and as little ones grow they’ll be able to stack them to build a tower or use them in the bath to pour water from cup to cup. A winner.


VORCOOL Set of Kids Measure Up Stacking Cups Toys


  1. Musical instruments

Anything small hands can shake, blow or hit is great fun at this age. Colourful wooden sets are a great lovely way to get babies interested in music from a young age. Watch the smiles as they bang along to their favourite nursery rhymes.

DEHANG 16 Piece Wooden Roll Drum Musical Toy Instruments Kit for Kids Children and Baby Gift Set-Pink


  1. Building blocks

You build the tower, they knock it down. And repeat. Endless fun can be had with these colourful building blocks and as they get older they can help pile the blocks on top of each other and make fun shapes.

Melissa & Doug 100 Wood Building Blocks Set – Multi-Coloured


  1. Musical Bear

He sings, lights up and lets you press his buttons – what’s not to love. This cute bear can help teach your baby numbers and sings popular nursery rhymes. It has a strap to attach to a buggy so your little one can take him out and about.

VTech Baby 80-073304 Musical Bear Toy

  1. Personalised picture

At this young age children don’t really understand the whole present thing so you can get away with buying something pretty for their room. A bespoke picture is a fantastic gift for someone special. We love Dottie Designs personalised sticker art – beautiful.



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