PV Meets Plentifull

PV Meets Plentifull

Pv Meets Plentifull

ParentVille Parties meets Emily the founder of creative catering brand Plentifull. Emily‘s business specialises in lavishly styled grazing tables, luxu platters and grazing boxes. We caught up with Emily to find out a bit more about Plentifull and her tips to running a successful business. Prepare to be inspired.

Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Emily, I’m 40 years old, married & I run Plentifull which I set up a year ago. I also own a healthy brunch cafe in Canterbury which I opened in 2013.

I love great food, being a girl boss, red wine, shopping & travelling this wonderful world of ours.

What inspired the idea for your business?

I started Plentifull after establishing my other food business where I was often being asked to cater events, I was really missing being creative & wanted to provide something that was totally different to the “beige buffet”. I was inspired by the explosion of Australian & Californian grazing style of catering and I knew I had found exactly what I wanted to do. As soon as I started I absolutely loved doing it, I feel the same after each & every job.

PV Meets Plentifull

When starting, did you have challenges & how did you overcome these?

The biggest challenge so far is trying to run two businesses by myself! It is early days but I’m training new recruits so that we can carry on growing & provide grazing goodness to as many people as we can.


What has been your biggest success so far?

The speed in which Plentifull has grown has been amazing & the fact that we have such amazing feedback from every single client and repeat bookings defines its success for me.

PV Meets Plentifull

How do you juggle your personal life and your business?

I don’t have children but juggling a personal life and running a business is not easy, I have learnt that you have to know when to stop and no matter how hard it is sometimes you do have to say no and put yourself & your loved ones first, you learn to prioritise pretty quickly! A lot of the time the business has to come first but I believe you cannot run a successful business if you are too tired and stressed to do your best.


How do you find time to relax while not working?

I love yoga which I try to fit in for 20 mins before I start my day & for me hitting the gym is a great way to destress at the end of the working day. I put my phone down at 8pm each evening, and do not use it as an alarm clock, I charge it overnight away from my bedroom. My husband & I also have a “no phone” rule if we are out for dinner so my phone stays at home & when I’m having time off I leave my phone on airplane mode and completely log off. By doing this I feel recharged and have a renewed energy for my business by having an enforced break for screen time.

PV Meets Plentifull

What is your top tip in starting a small business?

My biggest tip is to do your research, this means knowing your target market and your competition. But also knowing your product and knowing your worth, you must believe in your business 100% if you want other people to believe in you & become your customer. Its also so important to make sure your company has its own identity so that you stand out amongst the competion. And never invest more than you can afford.

If you could invite a special guests to an party who would it be?

The Sex And The City girls! It was my absolute fave programme and I would love to have a chat & share a cocktail with them!

PV Meets Plentifull

Visit Emily’s shop to find out more.

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