PV Meets Tata Pinata

pv meets tata pinata

PV Meets Tata Pinata


ParentVille Parties meets Jan the founder of Tata Pinata. Jan’s business specialises in beautiful, bespoke, and handmade piñatas for childrens parties, office parties, weddings, hen nights and engagement parties. Every piñata is custom made for every event.  Custom made piñatas are ideal for decoration and entertainment. They can be created in any colour and match your event perfectly. All piñatas are made from up to 100% recycled cardboard and most are biodegradable.
We caught up with Jan to find out a bit more about Tata Pinata and her tips to running a successful business. Prepare to be inspired…

Tell us a little about yourself?  


I’m Jan, I run my business ‘Tata Pinata’ from my home in the Perthshire Countryside, which I share with my two kids and Sid our pug.

PV Meets Tata Pinata

What inspired your idea for your business?


I started making pinatas when I was left with lots of cardboard boxes after a house move that never happened! Long story! My first creation was a white crescent moon pinata with a black star for my sister in law’s 50th birthday party. Luckily, it caught the imagination of a blogger on Instagram and led to a few orders. I got a few enquiries for other designs and so decided to try an Etsy shop. After opening my Etsy shop my business grew and grew, and after about 8 months I found I was designing and making pinatas every day!

PV Meets Tata Pinata

When starting, did you have challenges & how did you overcome these?


One of my biggest challenges is that my business is very seasonal, the summer is crazy busy and the winter is crazy quiet! To overcome this, I have created a ‘Christmas collection’ and I also use this quieter time to promote my products in the wedding and corporate events markets.

PV Meets Tata Pinata

What has been your biggest success so far?


I have made pinatas for many parties, events and even for tv, perhaps the most exciting was the 11 Aperol Bottle pinatas I made for an Italian wedding!

PV Meets Tata Pinata


How do you juggle family life and your business?


Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but my kids are very supportive and they understand that, especially in the summer months,  ‘Mum makes pinatas!’

PV Meets Tata Pinata

How do you find time to relax while not working?


I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have a business I truly enjoy and never find it a chore, but I also enjoy keeping fit so make time for that and having fun with my friends, family and Sid!


What is your top tip for starting a small business?


Don’t give up!

PV Meet Tata Pinata

If you could invite a special guest to a dinner party who would it be?


Drew Barrymore, I just think she is fabulous!


What people are saying about Jan

Absolutely LOVE our pinatas! The colours were perfectly matched to our wedding colour scheme and looked amazing! Thank you so much Jan’

Emily Dennis, Southhampton.



I ordered a Lego Superman Pinata. When my order arrived I was pleasantly surprised with the beauty of EVERYTHING, she even included a matching pinata stick. The pinata was so beautiful that none of us wanted to destroy it!! I’ll definitely be ordering another one next year.’

Suki Oris, London

To visit Jan’s shop, please click HERE


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