5 fabulous end of the year teacher’s gifts

The school is almost over, summer holidays are here. It’s time to thank the teachers for a wonderful year of good learning and great fun with the end of the year teacher’s gifts they will treasure and remember for many years to come.

Have you sorted the cards and got every parent to sign? And what about the card for the funny and sweet messages the kids want to write to their teacher?

This year for my oldest son class (year 3), one of the mums made an amazing collage of photos of all the children in the class and printed it as a card. All the kids were thrilled with the surprise and we even had other teacher helping to keep the secret until the last day. The teacher was so moved by it. It was a beautiful moment for everyone.

How did we get pictures of all the students? We simply sent it through our Whatsapp class chat or by email. If you want to give it a go, try tools like Canva, Pickmonkey or Piccollage

Right, the card is sorted let’s think about the teacher’s gifts. I know John Lewis cards are an easy and practical option but why not add something more personalized and much sweeter?

Here are our top choices for some beautiful, and sweet, ideas for the end of the year teacher’s gifts.

1 – For A Teacher With A Sweet Tooth  

A sweet jar filled with delicious candy will definitely be a great gift. Remember to hear stories about the time when children used to bring an apple to the teacher? Well, I think we may call these cuties an updated and more colourful version?

The Sweet Jar costs £3.75 and the Sweet Selection Box £3.50


2 – Give A Class of Biscuits 

This is a perfect teacher’s gift from a class of students. 30 individually iced vanilla biscuits with the name of every student in the class on them, presented in an A4 gift box. Order this amazing Class Thank You Gift.

enchanting bakes1


3 – A Very Sweet Apple

Cupcakes decorated like juicy apples might just be the perfect kind of “fruit” the teacher needs to celebrate the end of the year. They can be also personalised with little messages and different colours. £1.50per cake (min 12).


4 – Cupcakes are the new flowers 

Of course you can always give a beautiful bouquet of flowers but I am sure you will hear a big “wow” if you arrive with a bouquet of Cupcake Roses.

sprinkle magic1

5 – Gift Boxes For A Relaxing Summer

Life should be made of small pleasures and great joys. After a  hard working year, teachers really need to chill and these Spa Gift Boxes with fresh flowers would just be perfect teacher’s gift.


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