The Best Decoration Ideas for a child friendly Halloween !

From pumpkins to spooky finger food a children’s Halloween Party can be great fun. Here are our top decoration ideas to spook up your house without frightening the children

  1. Carved pumpkin: Whether you buy an organic one from a farmers market or head to your nearest supermarket, no Halloween party is complete without a carved pumpkin. Get the kids to help choose a design and scoop out the insides so they feel involved. For extra safety buy a flameless tea light to sit inside the pumpkin rather than a candle then set it outside to glow in the dark.


Pack of 24 LED Flickering Tealight Candles Flameless Tea Light Battery Operated Look Like Real Flicker Candles Wedding Long Lasting

  1. Bats and Spiders: Children will love to get involved in making simple decorations. All you need is some black card and some spider/bat templates and then you can either stick them up around the room or dangle them from string.
  2. Cobwebs: Buy a pack of pretend cobwebs to drape in corners and place some plastic spiders inside for a spooky addition to your decorations.

PS Hunters® 2 Pack Halloween Party Decoration Spider Web Cobweb with 2 Spiders (White)


4. Balloons: Simple black and orange balloons can be fun or decorate them with pumpkin faces or spiders for an extra Halloween twist.


4 X Pack Of 15 Assorted Black & Orange Latex Balloons. Halloween Decorations

  1. Fairy lights: String some pumpkin or skull fairy lights around the room to add some magic.

20 Pumpkin Led String Light Battery Halloween Decoration Operated Party Garden Wedding

  1. Party food: Make some Halloween inspired food for the kids to snack on. Try Mummy Dogs – a hot dog sausage with strips of pastry wrapped around it to look like a mummy’s bandages; Spiderweb cakes – decorate cup cakes with white candy floss and a toy spider; Spooky cookies – cut out biscuits or cookies in spooky shapes and decorate with black or orange icing to resemble pumpkins, spiders, bats, skulls etc; Slime and bugs – use some green jelly in a bowl with some spooky sweets crawling out (you can buy worms, caterpillars and all sorts of jelly sweets).
  2. Halloween stickers: Decorate your walls with spooky scenes by using large stickers that are easy to peel off after the party ends. Great for large spaces.

    Halloween Party Friendly Gothic Decorating Kit
  3. Garlands: Either make or buy some Halloween garlands – paper pumpkins, spiders or bats work well strung across a fireplace.

3 Assorted Halloween Paper Garland

  1. Bunting: Either opt for simple black and orange bunting or decorate with Halloween icons and string them around the room.

3m Halloween bunting – double sided fabric bunting

  1. Trick or treat bags: Decorate some paper bags with spooky stickers for DIY trick or treat bags. At the end of the party, accompany your children on a mini trick or treat outing – you can go with younger kids to neighbours they are familiar with whilst older kids can do a tour of the block with or without a chaperone depending on their ages.


Top Tip: Leave your pumpkin outside your house only for as long as you want to receive trick or treaters to your door. Once your kids are asleep and you no longer want the door bell ringing every few seconds, bring it inside – children won’t knock if there is no pumpkin on show.


Love, Katie from team ParentVille

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