Trip to Cambridge

Looking for a a nice break from the city but don’t want to go too far? Why not go to Cambridge, it’s an hour away from Kings Cross, and the train journey is very peaceful.

Once you arrive to Cambridge a bus will take you to the centre in 10 minutes. What we loved most about Cambridge is that walking around is an activity in itself. You can visit all the different colleges and walk in the parks (or look at your kids run around while you buy an ice-cream from the cutest ice cream truck), or if you fancy doing something with more history you can visit King’s College chapel.




After you’ve had a nice lunch you can wonder in the market (opened all week). We highly recommend punting (or watch people attempt to punt who get stuck in the middle of the lake) as a student from Cambridge will tell you all about the history of the colleges, and you will see all 9 bridges. On a sunny day it is a very nice relaxing moment and you are welcome to bring food and drinks.

Great thing about Cambridge is that you can go for a day or a whole week-end, and you will always find something to do: from the parks, the colleges, the book stores and the surroundings there is no way your family can get bored ! And it’s always a good time to prospect future perspective and get ready to enroll your kids in 15 years 😉


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