London Week-end Family Fun

It’s the week-end again ! And while some must be excited to finally be able to relax after a long week at work, for parents week-end means entertaining the kids. As parents, we know how stressfull this must be, and how time consuming finding the perfect activity can be. So here is a list of a few things we love to do during the week-end 🙂


  • Let us start with a calm and comfy Sunday morning. You could get to the National Gallery and listen to some stories on a magic carpet. Storytellers use a painting or artwork as the backdrop and narrate a related story. Kids aged two to five would find the magic carpet enticing and the stories captivating.


  • Once you have a relatively soft start, you can get a bit active at Abbey Leisure Centre. Head to Barking and check out The Idol. It is a soft play center where kids of varying ages simply bounce and have some fun.


  • While the first proposition is free and the second is paid, here comes another free but fun thing to do with kids around London over the weekend. Go to the Science Museum. There is a water play area where kids as young as three to six just go splashing and dashing, sliding and merrymaking.


  • The Whitechapel Gallery is mostly known for its workshops and boot camps targeting teenagers and older kids. However, there is something for the toddlers and babies younger than five to do here. You could check out the Crib Notes. The Crib Notes tours are not perennial or regular so you have to check if it is on for the specific weekend.


  • The National Maritime Museum has play shops where kids can fire some cannons, explore a ship deck, a beach and can also try their hands at pseudo shopping. Entry is free and the activities are ideal for kids aged five and below.



While not a fun thing to do on a weekend, the Rich Mix offers a cinematic experience ideal for parents of newborns. Some of the latest releases are screened on Mondays where you could come with your kids, as young as a few months or a year, and watch a movie at lower volume and in a brighter setting. The ambience is not as challenging for a newborn or toddler as a typical theater.


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