Flight Survival Guide with Toddlers

So you’ve packed everything you need, now it’s time to get on-board…

  1. For take off and landing give your baby a bottle of milk/water to suck on and get older kids to drinks from a sippy cup or suck a boiled sweet. This will hopefully stop their ears popping which can cause a lot of pain in young children.
  2. If your child suffers from travel sickness you might want to give them a travel sickness tablet to ease any nausea or try motion sickness wristbands.
  3. Change your watch to the destination time zone as soon as you get on board so you can start to adjust and minimise jet lag.
  4. Try and encourage everyone to sleep at some point if they can – this might be easier on a night flight when the cabin lights are dimmed and it’s generally a bit quieter. Not only will it fill a few hours but it will make sure the children (and adults) don’t get overtired.
  5. If your little one does start screaming or having a tantrum, try not to panic. Most passengers will be understanding and will have been there themselves at some point. Try getting up and walking around the cabin to give your child something else to look at. Distraction often works a treat in these situations so looking out of the window or seeking out a friendly fellow passenger that can give your child a smile or play peekaboo might do the trick. If that doesn’t work a fresh pair of hands might help so share the load with your partner or family.
  6. Slather on some moisturising cream during the flight – the cabin air can really dry out your skin so it’s important to keep hydrated.
  7. Wearing your glasses on-board might be more comfortable than contact lenses as your eyes might become dry and sore.
  8. Make sure your children make frequent trips to the toilet to avoid any accidents. The last thing you want is to wait until the last minute only to find a long queue for the toilet when your child is desperate. Change nappies frequently to minimise nappy rash and discomfort.
  9. Try and make friend with the passengers directly in front and behind you. That way they are less likely to get annoyed if your little one throws a book at them or blows a raspberry in their face.
  10. Remember, the flight won’t last forever and you will make it – albeit a little crumpled and frazzled. If all else fails, there’s always a medicinal glass of fizz to help – well you are on holiday after all!


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